Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem

Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem

Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 - By Ifiok Nkem

Hey Sam here Let’s discuss VidJack Reloaded in just two minutes. Let’s agree on one thing: Interactive videos increase the time spent watching video and boost purchase intent. Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem.

VidJack Reloaded is a cloud-based app that allows users to take any video to add interactive elements like call to actions, email gates, share, gates reviews, gamification and ecom widgets. You can receive payments and sell inside your videos. There are more than 40 brand-new improvements across the platform. The VidJack Reloaded lets you create interactive videos for yourself and for your clients in three simple steps.


The Founder Of VidJack Reloaded

Ifiok Nkem The founder of this amazing Interactive Video Marketing Suite VidJack,he is a full-stack digital marketing professional, SaaSpreneur and a JVZoo high-performance leader.

His previous software the ADA Bundleand VideoTours360 was the top-selling product of Jvzoo in 2020 & this time, he has more power that’s going to break the jvzoo market.

Well, now move towards the next part in the VidJack Review; where i will break down some of it’s fantastic features that you’ve never before seen.


What is the process behind Vidjack Function?

Now You Can Create and Sell Interactive Videos To Businesses

In Only 3 Easy Steps…

Step 1: Choose Video

Simply select any YouTube/Vimeo Video. 

Step #2: Drag -n-Drop

Drag & drop interactive elements with an editor built into. Use point-n-click to modify. Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem.

Step 3: 1-Click Embed and Send

Embed Anywhere – websites blogs, social media, blogs, e-mails or simply share the link directly.


VidJack Reloaded Review: New Features, Shocking Breakdown

1. Hijack Any Video & Add UNLIMITED Interactive Elements

Include CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gameplay, Ecom Widgets, etc on any Youtube or Vimeo Video.

2. Build your Email Database (Email Gate)

Create a huge email list using the most up-to-date in-video optin technology!

If a user is viewing a video, the movie will be paused at the moment you choose, and the opt-in will be displayed. When the opt-in is filled in or closed down, the user can keep watching the video.

3. In-Video Call To Action

Boost sales by Increase sales by adding “Clickable” buttons including callouts, text images, links inside any vimeo or youtube video. Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem.

4. In-Video Gamification & Rewards

Let users access coupons, discounts, freebies, etc… by clicking within your video after they complete pre-defined actions.

E.g Watch This Video For 2 minutes to unlock a “Free Ebook”

5. Sell Your Products With The Ecommerce Engine built into the product.

Showcase your products, sell and receive money right in any youtube or vimeo video in minutes.

The Funnel Vidjack Reloaded – OTOs

FE $47

Users are able to make interactive videos that can be viewed in unlimited views.

UPSELL 1 Pro $197/yr

Unlimited interactive videos, unlimited views, unlimited leads, unlimited ecom orders PLUS video thumbnail creator and human-like text to speech engine

The UPSELL 2 Toolkit for Agency $97

You receive all the resources that you require to create and operate a six-figure Interactive Video Agency.

Upsell 3 VideoTours360\Commercial $67

Access for one-time only our bestseller VideoTours360 app to create & Sell interactive virtual tours

UPSELL 4 Unlimited Reseller $297 497

Reseller unlimited VidJack accounts & KEEP all the profit. Great way to make money by selling software.

BUNDLE OFFER $197 per year


VidJack Reloaded PROs and CONs


I’m in love with this application due to a variety of reasons. And in an effort to be clear and succinct, I’ll list the pros in the form of an overview; Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem.

  • Solves a pressing and expensive issue in the field of video marketing
  • It is simple to use and operates perfectly
  • VidJack offers a real earnings opportunity. With the need for interactive videos rapidly expanding, every business is having to use them in order to remain in business.
  • It’s freaking cheap, going to a single price. The offer is only valid during the period of launch.


By now, you should know that I’m loving Vidjack (don’t inform my husband, lol!)

If I were to highlight any blunder in the present, it will be calling attention to the quantity of Upsells . . However, it’s not an issue as the software still works flawlessly, without upgrades. The Upsells are simply a way to give you more POWER, and that’s fair enough.


Summary On VidJack Reloaded Review

Without any doubt or not doing any further research I will honestly rate VidJack review a 5-Star Rating anything other than that will be “BIAS!”

If you are looking to boost your online business traffic, leads & conversions with the help of Video marketing then VidJack is the most recommended program for you.

VidJack is a simple and ethical way to steal any video from Youtube, Vimeo & make it in to a profit making machine. You can collect leads & get more sales. Next VidJack Reloaded 2022 – By Ifiok Nkem.

So, I highly Recommend you to go ahead and make sure you have access to your account, so your investment is secure & WISE, cheers!

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